Put The Sepia On
By Nick Feldman


Mina Davis returns in her first novel-length adventure. Hired to find abducted nineteen-year-old Rose Scott, Mina instead finds a badly wounded yakuza leg breaker named Shiro Shimozawa. With no other leads, Mina takes Shiro in, trying to keep him alive (and out of the hands of both the men who shot him and the police) long enough to convince him to help her find the missing girl. 

Unfortunately for Mina, even after a couple bullets, Shiro is fiercely loyal to the yakuza. He's also rude, pushy, and condescending. 

Worse than that, he's also exactly Mina's type. 







Mina Davis, sarcastic private eye, hits the streets of Seattle and faces off against the worst the city has to offer. Whether she's fighting off a hangover while chained up in a serial killer's basement or trying to stall a world famous assassin by pretending to be his chauffeur, Mina faces life- and death, if it comes to it- with sass, snark, and spite. Every bit as tough as Sam Spade, as sharp as Phillip Marlowe, and as fearless as Mike Hammer, Mina has come to kick ass and drink whiskey, and she already drank the whiskey. 

This book, Mina's first appearance, includes three short stories, in which she squares off against a mass murderer, stalls an assassin, and reconnects with an old friend who's certain he's about to be murdered, respectively. 

WARNING: The first story, "Hungover & Handcuffed" is very violent. It's also the shortest of the three stories, and squeamish readers can skip ahead to the second story, "Matamoros" without fear of missing too much.








In the cyberpunk wasteland of The City, a lonely detective is hired to find a beautiful young girl's missing brother. Things never being as simple as they seem, it doesn't take long before he finds himself caught between the sterile, merciless Corporation that rules The City and the ferocious mutants known only as "The Dogs".

On the eve of the great writer Percival Ward's death, he gathers his greatest friends (as well as his would-be rival Neil, and Neil's uninvited date) to argue one last time about his favorite subject: love. As the assembled writers, liars, poets, and musicians trade love stories, they find their stories and philosophies a bit less fictional than perhaps they'd like to admit. With the specter of romance looming, the assembled cynics and romantics trade tales and insults. As the evening drags on, alleged writer and confirmed con-artist Ray Waters panics over his inevitable turn as storyteller, and fixates on his unreturned lust for fellow storyteller Gillian Ryder.