NVTV 38: Bad Judge, A to Z, and McCarthys

Gotta be quick today as I have company.

Bad Judge had another very funny episode this week. After focusing on Rebecca's positive attributes the last few weeks, this week we got her self-destructive, paranoid, neurotic side, and it worked very, very well. Her final comment during her storm out in the restaurant paints a picture of the tone the show probably should have gone for from day one, but as we know it's likely too late now. At any rate, good- though still uneven- episode this week that did work on both a character and comedy front. 

A to Z remains a complete waste of a talented cast and a thinly veiled insult to the female gender. Don't watch it. 

The McCarthys is still improving, on both a comedy and character level. The format still isn't for me, and there are definitely still some groaners, but it's a solid show that I can't say nearly as many bad things about as I'd expected I'd be able to. Laurie Metcalf and Tyler Ritter do most of the heavy lifting, but the rest of the cast is rounding into shape.