NVTV 29: Cristela, Halloween and Oates, and the funerals of Bad Judge, A to Z, and Manhattan Love Story

Short review of Cristela's mostly good Halloween episode, one day late. 

Cristela still has an identity crisis, as it can't decide how smart or broad of a show it wants to be, but it was funnier on balance this week than it had been since the pilot, and the supporting cast continues to slowly round out. The stuff at the office is much more consistent on both a comedic and character level than the stuff at home thus far, and the show'd be smart to go back to the well. Cristela herself remains the show's MVP, and as she goes, so goes the show. She has, like Will Ferrell and Bill Murray before her, an ability to get almost any stupid idea over by sheer force of comedic will, and she made a lot of lemonade this week. Even if her show never becomes good, hopefully she keeps getting work. 

In other news, Bad Judge and A to Z are both semi-cancelled; both shows will continue producing their thirteen episodes, but neither will get a back nine order, and the odds of either coming back next season are marginal at best. Also, while we're talking cancellations, I may as well cover the death of Manhattan Love Story

MLS was definitely the season's worst show for the four episodes it got, and yet I'm sadder about its death than A to Z's. MLS never got good, but the fourth episode demonstrated a willingness to try new things, and to move away from the stuff that didn't work. I don't think the show ever would have become great, but it had the potential to become interesting (though it probably wouldn't have done that either). That said, I'm glad it's gone, though if I had my druthers I'd rather watch nine more MLS episodes than eight more A to Zs. Both shows were terrible, but only one seemed to be willing to take chances to fix it. 

A to Z was a better show, pound for pound, than MLS, but it was often harder to watch; MLS was bad in a somewhat amusing way, as the writers (initially) had no idea how to build characters or jokes and just fumbled aimlessly with bad comedy karaoke. But A to Z was a case of talented, funny people making an awful show, pummeling its audience with wasted potential and horrible gender politics; fully forty percent of episodes so far end with the lead female dismissing the lead male's apology for stalking her, then kissing him. All women in the show are boy-crazy, insecure spastics, even those who are otherwise calm, lucid, or competent (semi-exception: the very funny deadpan Hong Chau, who never got enough screen time to be much of anything). I'll soldier through the final eight episodes, and hopefully somewhere in there show runner Ben Queen will meet an actual human woman and then attempt to write one… but I'm not looking forward to it. 

And then there's Bad Judge. While Black-Ish is probably the most competent show of the new crop, Bad Judge was probably the best, at least for the last two weeks. After an abominable pilot (the worse episode of anything I've had to watch for this that wasn't MLS), Bad Judge rapidly improved, and by the fourth episode it was very, very funny. The fifth episode wasn't a laugh factory, but it had great character work and a home-run punchline in the climax, and I spent most of my review of it looking forward to the show's potential and dreading its cancellation. While Bad Judge is technically not dead- it's ratings are significantly better than A to Z's, and either a ratings surge or a total failure for the rest of the NBC lineup could conceivably lead to a second season- survival is very unlikely. It's not a show that's good enough yet to inspire a  Chuck-like fan rescue campaign (though it's cheaper to produce than Chuck and producing comparable ratings), and even if it becomes one it's likely too late. Still, I recommend watching it for as long as it lasts, and along with Selfie it remains one of the only two shows I actually look forward to watching week to week (though Mulaney and Black-Ish aren't terribly far off). Fingers crossed for an improbably rescue, but if dies a predictable death, at least we'll always have that excellent comic highpoint from last episode.

I'll miss Bad Judge, I'm serious. As serious as your mother's cocaine problem. 

NVTV21: Manhattan Love Story "It's Complicated", Selfie "Nugget of Wisdom", Marry Me "Move Me", and Hope

Maybe it's because I was up for twenty four hours of trainwreckery yesterday and am basically just eyes and the R-brain today, or maybe it's just Stockholm Syndrome finally setting in, but I thought all three of last night's shows took a big jump. 

Yes, even Manhattan Love Story

All three episodes really deserve their own post, but I'm already super late, and as mentioned my mental capacity right now is somewhere between "drunk toddler" and "Courtney Love" ("drunk toddler" is the best case scenario, for those who don't know who Courtney Love is), so here's all three in as much detail as I can manage. 

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NvTV 10: "In the Mix, On the Books, and In the Freezer" or "Three Places I'd Rather Be Than Watching Manhattan Love Story"

Contrary to popular belief, I love TV, and any show I sit down to watch, I want to enjoy. I'm really trying to be an optimist here, so let's start with the good, before I mention how I quite literally enjoyed the Botox commercial during Manhattan Love Story more than Manhattan Love Story 

1) They finally gave Kurt Fuller something to do. 

2) At the end of the episode, there is a long scene, I'd estimate about four minutes or so. The beginning and the end of that scene are terrible, but there's a solid ninety seconds or so in the middle where Manhattan Love Story is something other than the television equivalent of a smoldering pile of burning corpses caked in the blood and feces of black plague victims. For ninety seconds (nearly two minutes if you throw in the two short Kurt Fuller scenes!), MLS is actually pretty good. 

Unfortunately, it's a twenty-two minute show, and the other twenty minutes are every bit the comedy oubliette that the last twenty-two minutes were.

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