NVTV 25: Marry Me "Scary Me"

Swamped this week, so I don't have a ton of time to talk Marry Me. Basically, it continues to try to be Happy Endings and isn't even trying to hide it at this point, literally featuring a character (Derrick) from the older show. Marry Me isn't nearly as tight or as sharply written as Endings was at its best, but it's better than most of its competition, which is enough for now. Marion, Wilson, Gemberling, etc. are all still very funny, and it's likely that the writing will find more focus and panache as the series progresses. Tepid thumbs up. 

NVTV21: Manhattan Love Story "It's Complicated", Selfie "Nugget of Wisdom", Marry Me "Move Me", and Hope

Maybe it's because I was up for twenty four hours of trainwreckery yesterday and am basically just eyes and the R-brain today, or maybe it's just Stockholm Syndrome finally setting in, but I thought all three of last night's shows took a big jump. 

Yes, even Manhattan Love Story

All three episodes really deserve their own post, but I'm already super late, and as mentioned my mental capacity right now is somewhere between "drunk toddler" and "Courtney Love" ("drunk toddler" is the best case scenario, for those who don't know who Courtney Love is), so here's all three in as much detail as I can manage. 

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