NVTV 21: Black-Ish "Crime and Punishment" and Boredom

I've got really nothing to add about Black-Ish this week, as it's the same show it's been every week. The bullets, to save us all some time: 

* The show still spends way too much time holding the audiences' hands establishing and re-establishing the episode's plot and them, which leads to a very slow comedic pace. In this particular case, it also took up so much time that there is no real B or C plot. 

*The show employs four child actors, of whom none are good and three are terrible. This week spent more time than usual with them, and that helps nobody. 

*Laurence Fishburne is routinely the best part of the show and rarely on screen for more than two or three minutes in an episode. That held true this week, as he got all the biggest laughs, but barely appeared for more than twenty seconds at a time. 

*Black-Ish is a show that badly wants to talk about edgy things, but is too afraid to do anything edgy with them. This week was no different, with an episode (and even a few funny jokes) about child abuse, but no real depth or audacity. 

*Beyond Fishburne, the rest of the adult cast is strong, but given very little of interest to do. Tracee Elliot-Ross got a few good moments to play this week, but poor Anthony Anderson at this point is basically just a narrator who happens to be on-screen. 

* The show is never bad enough to complain about, or good enough to recommend. It simply exists.